“Every time I connect with Dr. Michelson, I feel inspired, invigorated and more aligned with my true path. She is the rare psychologist that is both exceptional at clinical work and organizational consultation. She has a true gift for interpersonal connection and effective communication. She has helped numerous corporate teams improve their internal structure, efficiency and work satisfaction. Dr Michelson is truly exceptional.”  — Dr. Tara Dewitt, Psychologist and Organizational Consultant

Dr. Michelson possesses that rare combination of warm, engaging empathy and clinical expertise that makes for an extremely effective therapist.  She is an expert in evidence based treatments such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and provides her clients with a personalized customized treatment experience.  Dr. Michelson is one of the most engaging clinicians I have worked with in over 25 years of clinical practice.   — Dan Pitzer, LCSW, LCADC, President, Breaking the Chain Counseling, LLC