Fees and Insurance

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Rates are available upon request. I accept both private pay and out-of-network benefits, which means your insurance may cover a substantial portion of therapy costs. Some clients who are first starting therapy do not realize that you can often receive services from someone outside of your insurance network. When you are making this kind of investment in your growth, you will be most satisfied by going with the connection you feel with a potential therapist, and your trust in their competence to help you with your needs. If you choose to see me out of network, I think you will be pleased at how straightforward the reimbursement process can be. I will help to provide you with all documentation you need to submit for reimbursement.

Clients may also use their Health Savings Account (HSA) for psychotherapy appointments, which can help you meet your deductible for your insurance plan.

Please contact me to set up a free 10 minute consultation phone call. This is an opportunity to connect and ask any questions you may have.